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Major Factors to Consider When Planning to Live in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a wonderful place to live in Thailand because it has a more relaxing pace as compared to Bangkok, and it’s cheaper to stay there. For those who are not used to living in Thailand, some adjustments might be needed. Here are a few factors that you need to take into account when planning to live in Chiang Mai.


The first thing to think about would be accommodation. Those who want to live in Chiang Mai for a short period of time only would probably want to live in service apartment or in an AirBNB during their stay. Serviced apartments in Chiang Mai are especially cheap and have good amenities. They’re also very cozy, and they provide a great homey environment. For those who plan on staying for a long time, like for a few years, service apartments are a good choice. However, you may also want …

Everything You Need to Know About Koh Tao, Thailand
You’ve finally decided to make the leap: you’ve packed all your bags and decided to become an expat in South East Asia.

Before settling down in one place, you’ve decided to explore what the region has to offer. After exploring, you’ll figure what place you like the best and decide that’s where you want to be.

One of the first destinations on your list is Thailand! You’ve heard of its amazing food, friendly people, and famous landscapes and historical sites.

In addition to exploring mainland Thailand, you’ve decided to also check out a couple of islands while you’re there.

If you’re having trouble deciding between all the wonderful islands, I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about Koh Tao. If you’re into swimming and other water activities, this might be your pick!

In this brief article, I’ll go over what the island is most famous for: snorkeling …

5 Tips for Exploring “the Last Frontier” in Your RV

Often called “the Last Frontier” due to its many opportunities and numerous lightly settled regions, a camping trip to Alaska is sure to result in wonderful memories. The breathtaking natural scenery makes a visit to “the Last Frontier” well worth it. The main attraction of camping here is that you can break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be closer to nature.
If you are thinking of exploring Alaska in your RV, here are some tips that will give you a head start to enjoy a successful camping trip.
1. Look Before You Leap
Before packing up your gear and heading to Alaska with your RV rental, you should first do some research. Get to know the terrain and the weather conditions. You don’t want the camping experience to be buggy, cold, or wet without being adequately prepared for those conditions. Finding out more about …

Tips for Travelers: How to Spend a Weekend in Gili Islands
Gili is known for its sandy beaches with palm trees lining it and coral reefs just a short swim from the shore. When you see pictures of it you can’t help but book a quick getaway there.

So, how would you want to spend your weekend trip in the Gili Islands?

Maybe it’s by doing a quick tour of everything the island has on offer, or perhaps you want to take things easy and relax on the beach this weekend.

Whatever your agenda is, I’ll help you plan your time there the way you want to.

Follow these tips to get the most out of your weekend on the Gili Islands as a budget backpacker or traveler.

Tips on How to Save Money
Most of the people you’ll meet on the island are budget backpackers or travelers, which is great. You’ll be able to do activities together with that in …