Major Factors to Consider When Planning to Live in Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai is a wonderful place to live in Thailand because it has a more relaxing pace as compared to Bangkok, and it’s cheaper to stay there. For those who are not used to living in Thailand, some adjustments might be needed. Here are a few factors that you need to take into account when planning to live in Chiang Mai.


The first thing to think about would be accommodation. Those who want to live in Chiang Mai for a short period of time only would probably want to live in service apartment or in an AirBNB during their stay. Serviced apartments in Chiang Mai are especially cheap and have good amenities. They’re also very cozy, and they provide a great homey environment. For those who plan on staying for a long time, like for a few years, service apartments are a good choice. However, you may also want to try short-term condo rentals as they may end up cheaper in the long run. This all depends on your preference and your budget.


Weather is also something that one will have to get used to. For those who have lived in four-seasoned countries, the tropical weather of Thailand may be a bit different. The weather is either really cold or really hot. During the summer from February to June, it’s really hot in Chiang Mai. It gets cooler during November onwards. During July to October, it’s the rainy season, so expect a few typhoons to roll in.

Public Transportation

Chiang Mai has a lot of public transportation modes that residents can choose from. The most common public transportation mode is the tuk-tuk. The tuk-tuk is like a combination of a tricycle and a truck that can accommodate several people. There is also the songthaew which is a red truck that can also accommodate a larger group of people. Songthaews have a fixed fare of 20 baht, which is considered as cheap and affordable.

Another way to get around would be with bikes or scooters. Because of the traffic, it’s easier to use smaller vehicles to get through the row of cars. Public scooters or bikes can be rented for a fee in Chiang Mai.

Phone Plans

Anyone staying in Chiang Mai for a long time will need a Thai sim card to contact friends and family members from back home. One just has to make sure that his or her phone is unlocked, and he or she can buy any prepaid Thai SIM card from any convenience store. Just take note of the prepaid data plans to know how to get the best deal.


One of the factors that made Chiang Mai popular is their food. The food in Chiang Mai is not that expensive, but the varieties are really delicious. There are a lot of vegetarian-friendly establishments, so vegans won’t have a problem here. Most of the local food choices are spicy such as Tom Yum or their Green Curry, but there are some dishes that are not spicy as well like Pad Thai and fried rice.


Chiang Mai is a great place to live in for those who want to have a change of pace and some different scenery. Of course, living in a new place will take a lot of adjusting. This detailed guide has given you some ideas on how life is in Chiang Mai and how to get around just like the locals.