Going To Goa for a Trip? Here Are Ways in Which You Can Book Cheap Flight Tickets from Mumbai to Goa

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Traveling across different cities in India can be fun and pricey at the same time. However, if you are familiar with how different airlines run their system you can easily book a cheap flight ticket any time of the year.

Besides, both cities are busy and receive domestic and international visitors on a daily basis be it for business or for the entertainment and tourist attraction sites.

Mumbai to Goa is roughly 1 hour 15 minutes non-stop, depending on the airline and airport you opt for taking off and landing.

You can always opt for some of the reputable and well-known airlines when you are traveling to Goa from Mumbai or just any reputable carrier that can offer you a cheap reliable air ticket. Some of these airlines include Air India, IndiGo, Jet Airways, GoAir and SpiceJet among others.

Here is how you can maneuver with different airline service in India for an easy Mumbai to Goa flight booking.

1.     Put an Online Alert on Some Top Airlines

You can put an alert on some of the airlines that fly from Mumbai to Goa, in case of a price reduction or an increase in offers and discounts. This way you stand a great chance at maximizing on their offers at the appropriate time and making your flight bookings at the required time.

You can easily change your flight schedule if the airfare gets a bit lower than your initial booking that is if you have a flexible traveling arrangement.

Likewise, an alert system is ideal for an oncoming trip, so you can book your air ticket earlier. Last minute rash hours can be hard to determine where the price range is at, and how it was the other week.

2.     Make Use of Top Popular Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the new craze when it comes to useful business features. Moreover, there are some airlines, which only allow you to maximize their benefits if you have a specific app and have received their offer via e-mail.

Therefore, try to download some few apps that you think can go a long way into helping you reap some airline benefits, be it discounts on air ticket or food.

You can Google some top mobile apps that guarantee to reward you when you book a flight through them, to fly back and forth any city in India, be it Goa or Mumbai.

3.     Subscribe to Different Airline Newsletters

Airline newsletters are also another way that you can get information on future discounts on airfare, food and many other offers that the airline plans to present to you.

You can opt to subscribe to newsletters from different airlines, to be able to maximize on the one with the best offer. Sometimes the offers might not apply to you, so check for terms and conditions before opting to use the offer.

If you have a flexible traveling schedule for Goa from Mumbai then you can use some of these offers when they are hot and plenty. Otherwise, strict deadlines can at times prevent you from making use of some of these offers, as they do not come with every wake of the day.

4.     Search for Credit and Debit Card Offers

Most airlines can offer you a discount on flight and meals depending on the debit or credit card you are using. Therefore, always be on the lookout for offers related to your credit or debit card, and maximize it ASAP.

You can search online, on Google or airline websites as well as your card website. Likewise, some airlines are linked to credit cards and have offers. So be sure to check on that before opting for a specific airline

5.     Use Different Airlines

India is a big economic powerhouse, with loads of business chains from airlines, retail, hotels, to food and restaurants. Therefore, you are not restricted to travel with only one airline. You can always browse for others and compare their airfare before booking a flight ticket.

You can also try new airlines. They can be cheaper with many offers, as they are still looking for customers but that does not mean that the ones that have a wider market are expensive with little offers. It is all about research and perfect timing.


Conclusively, flying from Mumbai to Goa, at an affordable air ticket is not that hard if you know the trick. Here are just a few ones you can start with as you work your way through the system.

Moreover, always remember to browse through airline websites in private mode. This prevents them from tracking your movements and making any changes in price, discount and other offers.

So make your next trip to Goa from Mumbai, cheaper than before using some of these airline-booking hacks. Feel free to pass on this information, it is legit and has been proven to work every time.