Plan in advance to enjoy the yacht holidays with your family this summer

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Start doing this at least 6 months ahead of time, so you can review your options without rushing or closing a package on impulse. You’ll find that you’ll be able to find seasonal sales, limited time offers, discounts for specific destinations such as Sailing in the Med, plan upgrades at banana prices, and other benefits.

But, attention:  the total price of a cruise is rarely just the cost of the passage plus some port fees. While accommodations, meals and most activities are, in fact, included in the package chosen. You will have to pay extra for a host of tempting amenities and activities. It is the example of spas, shore excursions, cocktails, gift shops etc.

Your destination your dream

So if you have already chosen your destination and know the price of it, you still need to estimate the total cost. Before you close your budget plan. Then consider all the basic rates per person, the taxes, estimate the rates and additional expenses per person and have an estimate as close to reality as possible.

Also after reaching this amount, finally try to add another small fee for unforeseen expenses and spontaneous expenses (such as buying sunscreen, perfumery items such as shampoos and conditioners suitable for more aggressive climates to hair, dining in restaurants during excursions outside the ship, medicines, among others).

Choose the ideal duration for your cruise

For this stage, there are no mysteries. You already have the destination and the price. Therefore, the duration is lacking. Her choice will depend on her family’s schedule. But how do you plan a cruise for at least 4 people who have different agendas? Well, finding a common denominator. This will help you to enjoy the holidays.

If all of you have already opted for a low season trip. Take the kids’ vacations and try to fit yours and the other family members in that period. Or, choose a time when your kids would not miss important appointments, content and quizzes and start planning the duration of the tour from there. If you have less than a week, the ideal is to do Sailing down the Dalmatian Coast. The mini cruise refers to those trips in which the ship leaves the port, sails for 3 or 4 nights, and performs few stopovers.


Now, if your time is longer, such as a week or more, it is worth to choose cruises with stops in several countries, with many wonderful excursions and landscapes and unprecedented to enjoy with family. The experience is even more incredible and diverse. So you can enjoy all the activities available, rest and enjoy the wonderful view that has the sea!