5 Tips for Exploring “the Last Frontier” in Your RV

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Often called “the Last Frontier” due to its many opportunities and numerous lightly settled regions, a camping trip to Alaska is sure to result in wonderful memories. The breathtaking natural scenery makes a visit to “the Last Frontier” well worth it. The main attraction of camping here is that you can break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be closer to nature.
If you are thinking of exploring Alaska in your RV, here are some tips that will give you a head start to enjoy a successful camping trip.
1. Look Before You Leap
Before packing up your gear and heading to Alaska with your RV rental, you should first do some research. Get to know the terrain and the weather conditions. You don’t want the camping experience to be buggy, cold, or wet without being adequately prepared for those conditions. Finding out more about the place where you will be headed will let you avoid unpleasant experiences. You will know what you should bring along such as water, firewood, clothing, and fuel by researching the area beforehand.
2. Prepare for a Bumpy Ride
The roads are normally great near populated areas. But the more you go away from major towns and cities, the more likely you will face gravel pits and potholes. Also, you will likely encounter dust storms and frost heaves. It’s best that you prepare your RV for the ride so that you don’t have a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.
Consider installing mud flaps to protect the vehicle from mud and other flying debris. Furthermore, you should lock the cabinet doors to avoid the prospect of plates and cutlery spilling out during a bumpy ride. You should pad all the breakable items and air up all the tires to their optimal size and weight.
3. Know about the Boondocking Limits
Another important thing that you should consider when planning an RV trip to “the Last Frontier” is the boondocking limits. Make sure that you know about the number of days you can stay legally at a place. This will help you avoid paying extra fines for unknowingly overstaying at a place.
4. Know about Border Requirements
To head over to Alaska, you will probably be crossing our northerly neighbor “the Great White North.” Make sure that you check the customs website of both Canada and Alaska. Here are some of the things that you should consider when crossing the border.
● Bring your latest passport with several blank pages
● Have your driver’s license and vehicle registration
● Firearms are not allowed except shotguns, and even then you will need a permit
● Dogs and cats should be given rabies shots and they must be vet-signed
● Photography is not allowed at border crossings
5. Don’t Be Afraid to Deviate from the Plan
Not many people know that Alaska is the largest state in the US. This means that there are a lot of places to explore with the RV. You should make a plan before leaving, but don’t be afraid to deviate from it if you find an adventurous opportunity that’s too tempting to ignore.
You will see amazing and beautiful things when you go adventuring in your RV. However, it’s also possible that you will face some challenging situations. Being forewarned is being forearmed. By following the above tips, you will avoid unpleasant experience while RVing in Alaska.

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