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Netgear Router – Steps on How to Effectively Block Websites That Are Unwanted

It has been said that leaving your computer with an internet connection that is still active is not an easy thing to do especially if you have kids or other people who will be using it as well. Furthermore, we also know that it is quite hard or not even possible to forbid our kids from using the computer since it is what they use when they play video games or when they are grabbing some knowledge from Google for their studies or for the projects that they have to do. But of course, being their parent or being senior to them, it is only natural and normal for you to be worried about the online safety as well as the things that your children are watching online behind your back.

We can say that children are the most vulnerable or the easiest target to online threats as they are the most curious being here on earth since they tend to click anything and everything that catches their attention, not knowing that it is already a threat, an adult content or perhaps, a scam that will have them filling up forms about some personal and confidential information like email addresses and passwords, among others.

Now, we believe that you are curious as to the things that you can do to ensure that you are safe and protected online. And because we want you to gain some knowledge on how to guarantee your safety online and how you can block unwanted websites effectively, we will write down below the things that you can do about it.

Monitoring the websites viewed or visited by your kids or anyone using the wireless router you have at home is quite difficult to do as they can use it anytime, anywhere so, to make sure that you are protected or safe online, the only way for you to do so is to block websites that are unwanted or undesired on your Netgear wireless router via the proxy server addresses that they have. If you are not familiar with how you can block websites through your wireless router, we present to you a simple guide that you can follow when doing so.

What you should do first here is to open your internet browser. If your browser is already up, type in the address bar at the top of the browser before pressing the enter key. This code will bring forth the login window for the Netgear router and once its up, you must type the username and password you initially set up for it then hit the login button or press enter. On the menu at the left hand side, under the 2nd category there is the ‘Content Filtering’, you have to click on the option that says ‘Block Sites’.

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