Pavement – Getting Started & Next Steps

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What are Some of the Things that You Should do To Maintain Your Pavement

You can maintain the pavement by applying seal coat. Seal coat is just a material that can be poured directly onto the surface of asphalt or concrete slab. This is important as it is going to make the surface water resistant once they stick together. Try at all means to protect the pavement from water since it is not healthy for pavement life.

Another tip in maintaining pavement is to avoid rock salt. One thing that you should do is to stop using rock salt and chemicals on the pavement during cold weather. This is because this substance can melt through the ice very quickly making their corrosiveness to damage the asphalt layer. Instead of using this substance you should substitute them with sand and kitty litter which helps in the melting of the ice and increase traction.

Apart from that you should also clear the pavement. Normally this is done to remove the dirt and debris off the pavement. Debris and dirt are always dangerous since they block the drainage system which will in turn make water to stand still on the surface of the slab. With time this will cause the surface to break down over time allowing water into the sub base. Which will in turn make it to be soft exposing it to potholes and big cracks. For you to be on the safer side, you should develop the habit of checking the drainage and sweeping the pavement to make sure that there is no blockage.

In addition, you should also fill the cracks to maintain the pavement. Immediately you see any crack you should make sure that fill them. This is important as it is going to help in keeping away water and vegetation as this will make your pavement dry, solid and strong. You should also note that not all cracks require sealing but there are wider openings that should be filled even the smaller ones you can seal before they develop into bigger cracks.

In addition, another pavement maintenance tips should be to maintain the drainage system. When it comes to drainage one of the things that you should start with is to make sure that there is no water that is standing on the pavement. This is because when there is proper drainage it will improve the life of your pavement by very many years. Therefore, you should check the drainage regularly to ensure that there is no blockage as this will help you in maintaining the internal structure of the drainage system.

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